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Public Safety personnel ‘pay it forward’ in Big Canoe

BC-wildcat parking l
Parking lot at Wildcat. Photo by Public Safety

By Laura Link
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While most Big Canoe residents are safely settled in their warm homes, they have to be very proud of the public safety personnel who were out in the snow and ice assisting those in need over the past 48 hours.

Here are just a few services the public safety staff performed as submitted to Smoke Signals by Assistant Director of Public Safety and Fire Chief Ricky Jordan:

  • Assisted a resident to walk nearly 1/4 mile and carried belongings to the residence from the point where the public safety vehicle could not safely travel. Ridgeview the first evening of the snowstorm was impassable safely and public safety drove as far as possible and then assisted the resident home.
  • A short-term renter in the Tree Toppers was supposed to checkout on Tuesday but was unable to leave due to the storm. The renter called Wednesday morning reporting it was an emergency as he was out of food, stranded and needed assistance. Public safety staff at fire station 3 in the village knew IGA was closed. They emptied their personal food locker and sent a bag of their personal food supplies to the guest who was appreciative of their act.
  • Public safety was contacted by a home health nurse unable to make it to the residence of her patient and requested a welfare check. Public safety found the resident, a paraplegic and bed ridden, unable to care for himself. Public safety personnel emptied urinals, prepared some sandwiches, placed drinks within reach, and changed bed linen to help the resident. Public safety will continue to check on this resident and to offer additional assistance until roadways are passable by home health nurses.
  • Made a delivery of infant formula and diapers to a resident who was out. Foothills IGA management was able to get them to the North Gate and public safety personnel delivered to the home.
  • Public safety delivered child's breathing treatment supplies to residence from a North Gate delivery.
  • A public safety officer went to a home to check the propane level for an elderly gentleman so he could request a propane delivery.
  • Transported IGA Foothills owner Jeff Downing to Foothills so he could open the store to supply local area shoppers during storm.
  • Many of Big Canoe’s maintenance and public safety employees have been working 36 – 48 hours straight to try to keep the roads clear and residents’ emergency needs met. Jordan said 911 county calls have had to decline some requests called in to them within the counties. However, the employees of Big Canoe have met every challenge with a “can do” attitude and a reassuring smile to those who need help.

Jordan says so far there has only been one fall but no medical emergencies as of Thursday afternoon.

A number of residents are running low on propane but Jordan says until road conditions improve, no propane trucks can be allowed in Big Canoe because of the danger, according to Jordan. He said roads are being scraped and sanded on a continuous basis during the day. Residents can enter through the Main Gate and park at the clubhouse at Lake Sconti. From there public safety will take them to their homes, according to Bill Bates, director of public safety.


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