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Patience pays off for the Pollner pups

Happy Tails
Connie and Jim Pollner’s granddaughter, Elizabeth, enjoys playtime with her beagle pals, Mattie and Buddy. Photo courtesy of the Pollner family


  Lynda Zblewski

By Lynda Zblewski
Many dogs that come to Big Canoe Animal Rescue (BCAR) start out frightened and nervous, but BCAR volunteers are experts at providing the TLC necessary to reassure these dogs and help them overcome their fears.

However, some dogs have fears that are more deep-seated and require more time and effort on the part of volunteers and, ultimately, the adoptive family. BCAR has been fortunate to find loving and patient people willing to make the commitment necessary to integrate these dogs into their families.

In January 2010, BCAR volunteers Connie and Jim Pollner adopted a lemon beagle mix named Mathilda. “Mattie Sue,” as they call her, is a very sensitive and skittish dog. According to Connie, “Mattie thinks there is a boogie man around every corner.”

After being adopted, Mattie quickly warmed up to Connie, but she was very nervous and tentative around Jim.

Jim, however, is a tenacious man and refused to give up the effort to win over little Mattie. He fed her, walked her, gave her treats and his patience paid off. According to Connie, Mattie adores Jim now, and he, in turn, continues to treat her like a princess.

The Pollners added Buddy, a second BCAR dog (also a lemon beagle mix) six months to the day after they adopted Mattie. The two dogs couldn’t be more different.

“Buddy is all boy and has the most joy of life of any dog we have ever had,” said Connie. “He is tender-hearted and mostly unselfish and looks after Mattie Sue. “But Mattie Sue is all about Mattie,” she added.

The Pollners discovered having an outgoing and confident dog helped their other shy, fearful dog come out of her shell. “The time and patience we needed to take with Mattie was worth it,” said Connie. “They are both really special dogs to us!”

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