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A destination just down the road for a perfect Canoe Kids outing!

Just a sample of the many things Jack Lowrie, Olivia Hickman, Miranda Lowrie and Banks Hickman enjoyed doing on their Canoe Kids adventure at Burts Pumpkin Farm.

By Melissa Lowrie
(Photos by Melissa Lowrie)
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It’s the granddaddy of them all! Not the Rose Bowl, but in the world of pumpkin patches. Burt’s Pumpkin Farm in Dawsonville is a pumpkin utopia and has long been a staple of my family’s autumns. Before living in Big Canoe, even before kids, we’d make the trek from Atlanta to Dawsonville to see (and buy) some truly amazing pumpkins.

I’m pretty sure these pumpkins outweigh the boys. Pictured are Banks Hickman and Jack Lowrie.
This gem is perfect for a Canoe Kids outing; it’s 25 miles round-trip from Big Canoe and it’s free . . . well, that’s only if you can make it out without buying a gourd or two or ten. Perhaps I should rephrase. It’s free admission. Frankly they probably could charge admission, but it’s doubtful they need to.

For those who have never ventured to this granddaddy of patches, visiting Burt’s falls in the “must-do” category. Imagine every shape, size and color pumpkin you can conjure up, and then imagine there are more . . . because there are. Many, many more. All laid out in the field neatly in sections: green, white, and shades of traditional orange as far as the eye can see.

On the day we went this year, I had a group of four kids with me, two 9-year-old girls and two boys, 7 and 5. From the moment we arrived the kids had a great time exploring, playing on the tractor and checking out the covered bridge. The highlight was picking out a pumpkin to take home; this takes a while, so plan accordingly.

The pumpkin offerings are enough to occupy all ages of kids and adults, but there is more to see and do. Hayrides are offered on the weekends in September and November and all through the month of October. Although my family has never gone on the hayride, I’d bet it’s fun. Why not, you may ask? Well, that’s part of my strategy.

As you would imagine, Burt’s is a super-popular spot. We don’t go anywhere near there on an October weekend. I’ve seen cars lined up on the street waiting to get into the parking lot. If you’re into crowds, by all means, go for it. My family prefers to visit on a weekday after school. If this means we miss out on a hayride, well, that’s worth it to me. You and your kids or grandkids can pick your parking spot on a weekday and enjoy looking around without the masses from near and far.

Besides the pumpkins and hayrides, there are lots of other goodies available to get your home or office ready for Halloween or autumn. Hay bales, corn, decorations, and lots of other craft items can be found. Inside the shop there’s plenty of food for purchase as well. Anything you can make with pumpkins, you can buy. Also, there’s always popcorn popping, which my troop enjoyed; a bag for a dollar was a cheap treat.

On the property there is a quaint covered bridge that leads over a creek to a field full of picnic tables. This shaded area is a nice spot to enjoy a picnic or some pumpkin bread. Definitely bring a camera on your outing to Burt’s, but leave the pets at home (they are not allowed).

This field trip was a slam-dunk as all the kids in my group had a blast. Make sure to visit Burt’s Farm this season and enjoy! For more information and for hours and directions, visit



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