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The following information was provided by Glenda Ferguson, Chairperson, Dawson County Board of Elections & Registration.

To vote by absentee ballot at the Old Historic Courthouse, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, October 15 - November 2, 2007 with the following reason(s):

OP - Required to be away from my precinct from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the day of the Election.
D - Physical Disability (Avoid the crowd at the polls). 
E - Elderly (75 years of age or older).

To vote an advance absentee ballot (with NO REASON) at the Old Historic Courthouse the week prior to the Election  Monday, October 29 - Friday, November 2, 2007.

Please call the Elections' Office for any further information - (706) 344-3640.

The sample ballot on the Dawson County Government website is copied below

For County Board of Commissioner

District 2

(To fill the unexpired term of Frank Craft, Resigned)

Terri Tragesser

(Vote for One)

Write in



(Vote for One)

Shall a special one percent sales and use tax be continued in Dawson County for a period of time of six years for the raising approximately $91,560,000 for the purpose of funding (a)(i) roads, streets, bridges and sidewalks and (ii) the acquisition, construction, remodeling and equipping of (A) a courthouse and county administration building (the "Courthouse and Administration Building"), (B) offices for the sheriff (including a 911 system)(the "Sheriff's Office"), (C) recreation facilities, (D) sewer facilities, (E) library facilities and (F) public works facilities and (iii) the acquisition of public safety equipment, all for the benefit of the County and (b) (i) roads, streets, bridges and sidewalks, (ii) the acquisition, construction, remodeling and equipping of (A) water and sewer facilities and (B) recreation facilities, all for the benefit of the City of Dawsonville? If imposition of the tax is approved by the voters, such vote shall also constitute approval of the issuance of general obligation debt of Dawson County in the principal amount of $60 million for the purposes of funding the Courthouse and Administration Building and the Sheriff's Office.




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