Radiant health is closer than you think

Live well, age well
By Elizabeth Devereux

The groundwork of all happiness is health. — Leigh Hunt

  Elizabeth Devereux
Elizabeth Devereux

Have you ever known the greatest expression of your health?

The World Health Organization defines health as: “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

In holistic medicine, health is viewed on an ever-changing continuum. At one end is optimal wellbeing in mind, body, spirit and emotions. The middle is a socially acceptable gray zone, where symptoms of underlying imbalances begin. These imbalances occupy the far end, but they have progressed into disease.

Some people never have known vibrant health; others, with age, have forgotten what it feels like. Radiant health is not only freedom from illness and injury but also well-being characterized by joy, ease, vigor and enthusiasm.

If health is viewed primarily through a traditional medical lens, it’s easy to have the misperception that “healthy” means living in the vague, mediocre, symptomatic gray zone where issues like chronic pain, fatigue, poor sleep, back problems, unhealthy weight, allergies, digestive problems, anxiety and/or depression, sexual dysfunction, migraines, menstrual difficulties and more, are considered normal. The long-term use of prescription medications is common in this zone.

Another popular assumption is that aging is a one-way street of inevitable, somewhat random, irreversible declines—a sort of “this is how it is” or “this is as good as it can get” resignation. What if the right tools could dynamically change health?  In a Western healthcare model, people often don’t realize they have a choice.

Think about how you live: Are you confined to a tiny cottage when you have been given a mansion? Whatever your current state of health, engaging in complementary and alternative modalities and practices is like discovering room after glorious room of who you are. Addressing the root causes of health issues, not just the symptoms, can diminish—even eliminate—the costs and impacts to quality of life that disease brings.

Twenty-five years ago, I knew I couldn’t go on with the mysterious, debilitating chronic fatigue and depression I had lived with for so long. Despite having access to the finest traditional medical care, I felt incredible despair when multiple doctors couldn’t offer me answers or relief. I have learned I am not alone in these experiences and feelings.

It was difficult to comprehend how my life would be so markedly enhanced and expanded by holistic methods. Utilizing, studying and, ultimately, sharing complementary and alternative techniques with others gives me the increasingly progressive sense that not only do I have a mansion, but an endless view and a beach.

Yoga and meditation are the perfect ongoing foundational practices to cultivate thriving health. From there, depending on circumstances, greater levels of health realization and resolution are available through the fields of energy and vibrational medicine. Every day, people using these methods experience breakthroughs, easily and elegantly.

Remember life without the Internet? Incorporating cutting-edge healing arts is much the same: hard to conceive of at first but difficult to live without once you get a taste.

I frequently hear: “I never knew I could feel this good!” Radiant health is not a spectator sport; it is a practice, not a mystery, and much closer than you think.

Elizabeth Devereux has been teaching yoga and meditation for 17 years and has been actively working in the holistic wellness field for 23 years. More information on Devereux’s Fitness Center classes and private integrative practice can be found at peaceonearthinc.com.


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