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green hope farm
Green Hope Farm in New Hampshire cultivates the flowers used in its formulas right on the farm or the plants used are hand-picked by employees traveling the globe. Photo courtesy of Green Hope Farm

Living Well Aging Well

By Elizabeth Devereux

It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure. ~ Einstein

  Elizabeth Devereux
  Elizabeth Devereux

An amazing tailwind in a bottle is how I might describe my experience with flower essences. In the world of holistic health, flower essence therapy is categorized under vibrational medicine.

Vibrational medicine utilizes life-force energy, a universal healing phenomenon that is recognized cross-culturally—Chinese call it chi, Indians prana and Japanese know it as ki. Vibrational therapeutic techniques include the use of plants and herbs, foods, sound and music, light, sunshine, color, crystals and gemstones.

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), an English physician, bacteriologist, pathologist, homeopath, researcher and pioneer in understanding the connection of the mind, emotions and spirit on the state of physical health, first developed flower essence therapy. His 38 flower remedies were the original flower formulas successfully used to treat underlying contributing mental-emotional-spiritual factors in disease.

Some 80 years later, Bach is probably the most well-known flower essence company in the world. It makes a combination flower formula, Rescue Remedy, which quickly is becoming mainstream and is often imitated.
This remedy now is found widely in medicine cabinets, handbags, desk drawers, schools and health practitioner and veterinary offices. It easily smoothes the edges of everyday stress or, in a pinch, can expertly facilitate greater calm in an emergency or crisis.

Many other well-established flower essence companies exist today, such as Green Hope Farm's, Perelandra, Phytobiophysics and Australian Bush, to name a few I've used in my practice with amazing results. Green Hope Farm in New Hampshire, for instance, either cultivates the flowers used in its formulas right on the farm or the plants used are hand-picked by employees traveling the globe. The absolute direct care and attention given to the creation of its products is radiantly evident to me in their efficacy.

Live Well
Flower essence therapy is practiced worldwide. Photo by Sara Lindkrantz

Numerous flower essences can be blended in a single formula to target multiple issues and are a simple, yet powerful, way to help clear difficult emotions, mindsets, attitudes and personality traits that not only limit a person's ability to heal physically but also create chronic obstacles to a clear perspective, inner peace and the simple enjoyment of life.

Essences remove blocks and they also fortify and inform, allowing one to more easily move into an experience of life one is seeking. For instance, I knew something besides the monthly trauma and drama of writer's block to meet a deadline was possible and, voila, essences now help to make my deadline experience a more spacious discovery and shaping of words, rather than a forced, congested crunch. Essences also work elegantly to enhance the navigation of larger life issues such as purpose, change, illness, death and dying.

  bee flower
  To create a flower essence, the blossoms of plants are made into an herbal infusion or decoction, then further diluted, potentized and preserved with vinegar or brandy. Photo courtesy of Green Hope Farm

Remember our Big Canoe friend Sara Lindkrantz whose cancer experience has been transformed completely by her use of complementary alternative therapies? Sara had anemia. After she started a custom-blended formula specifically aimed at improving blood health and overall physical recovery and strengthening from cancer treatment, interestingly, the anemia the doctors told her was a permanent condition disappeared.

As Doris Dressler, Big Canoe's resident dog training expert mentioned in last month's Smoke Signals, "Thunder, lighting and other fears," essences help resolve our beloved pet's issues, too; conditions like separation anxiety, difficulties associated with aging, recovery from illness or surgery, aggression, and immune and digestive weakness can be improved, to name a few. My amazing canine companion Murray clearly was downtrodden by a long-term foot issue. His vigor and lightheartedness markedly returned after starting a custom-blended flower formula.

Essences are safe and easy to use—a few drops under the tongue, in a bath and, for pets and people, in water or directly on the skin. Essences are energetic, not chemical, so there are no risks or toxic effects or contraindications as with other medications.

To create a flower essence, the blossoms of plants are made into an herbal infusion or decoction, then further diluted, potentized and preserved with vinegar or brandy. The preparation embodies the unique wisdom of each flower, which lies in its evolutionary problem-solving abilities. To continue to live and prosper, each flower must solve the specific problems it confronts in its ecosystem: A desert flower from Australia needs to overcome the challenges of extremes of temperature and infrequent and sparse precipitation, whereas a flower from the Northeast U.S. needs to tackle the challenges of wide seasonal temperature fluctuations and potentially fierce winters.

The solutions flowers develop in response to the problems they face become part of a flower’s overall architectural fortitude and energetic vibration. This vibration or unique informational pattern, energy signature or consciousness of the plant is conveyed when we use essences. Flower essences are healing tools offering energetic roadmaps or solutions to the experience we would like to create—body, mind and soul.

Elizabeth Devereux has an inordinately large collection of flower essences she uses to create astounding comprehensive custom-blended flower essence formulas for people and pets all over the country. Find out more at PeaceOnEarthINC.com.


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